About Us

Cal Benet

Cal Benet is the manor house of the Vall Cabré family in Torroja del Priorat dating from 1792, from the very beginning dedicated to the cultivation of vines, olive trees and nuts.



Benet Vall planted the first vineyards that at the end of the 19th century suffered from the decline of phylloxera, which changed the appearance of the villages and caused mass immigration to the city.

To give you an idea of ​​the magnitude of the tragedy in 1893 Torroja del Priorat had 852 inhabitants, from 1900 to 700 hours. At present it has 153 inhabitants.

Several Generations

Phylloxera forces the vineyards to be planted again, a task that Cristòfol Vall carries out with the subsequent help of his son Modesto Vall. Ramon Miró continues to cultivate the land in the middle of the 20th century and expand the family property, a task that his son Carles Miró Vall has been carrying out for some years.

Our history in images

What makes us different?

A red wine for all types of palates. A modern wine but with history.

From the DOQ Priorat one of the most privileged areas in the world to create wines with a unique personality.

Thanks to the persistence and roots in the territory of many generations of families belonging to Cal Benet.

Farms with centuries-old vineyards of Carignan and Grenache that are located in Torroja del Priorat and Porrera with the characteristic slate soil and steep slopes of the area.

Tradition and commitment

Learning from the past to project us into the future is our challenge,
it inspires and makes us “rooted in the future”.
Apprehend from the tradition incorporating new knowledge and techniques enables us to be more respectful and careful with the environment that surrounds us, its people and its way of life.