DOQ Priorat

A wine with history

Although the cultivation of the vineyard in our lands came at the hands of the Greek and Roman civilizations, in the case of the Priorat it was the establishment of the Carthusian monks who reintroduced and developed the cultivation of the vineyard in the neighbouring villages. Scala Dei was the settlement where the first Monastery of this order was established in the Iberian Peninsula.

In the Priorat the cultivation of the vineyard and the production of wine have been documented since the 11th century. The promoters and disseminators of this crop in our region were the Carthusian monks from Provence .

The choice of this area was not accidental as it is due to the fact that it is a unique and privileged place. Its orographic, geological and climatological characteristics make this location an ideal spot for the cultivation of the vineyard and the elaboration of a high quality wine having very particular organoleptic qualities.

Among the outstanding and unique characteristics, we need to make a special mention of 2 distinctive elements of this area, these would be: its complex orography with steep slopes and a slate stone soil.

Thanks to all these differentiating elements, the geographical area known as the “Historic Priorat” was rewarded and recognized as DOQ (Qualified Appellation of Origin).

Priorat “Qualified Appellation of Origin”: is the only appellation of Catalan origin recognized with this quality distinction (DOQ)