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“DOQ” stands for “Denominació d’Origen Qualificada,” which translates to “Qualified Designation of Origin.” It is the highest designation of quality for Spanish wines, highlighting the exceptional quality and authenticity of wines from the Priorat region.

Our Priorat D.O.Q wines, are renowned for their unique terroir and winemaking practices. The combination of slate soils, steep slopes, and aged bush vines brings out the intensity and complexity of the wine’s flavor profile. Additionally, our wines are aging in terracotta amphorae which adds a distinct personal taste to the wine.

Argilaga is a wine that can age beautifully. We recommend to store the bottles horizontally in a dark, cool, and slightly damp place. For optimal enjoyment, it is suggested to consume the wine within the next 10 years. While the first 5 years will show positive evolution, the wine will remain stable and continue to provide a pleasurable experience.

It is recommended to serve the wine between 14ºC-16ºC to fully appreciate its structure and nuances. 

This structured wine pairs excellently with game meats, poultry, stews, cheeses, mushrooms, and even nuts as an appetizer. The versatility and depth of its flavors make it a perfect companion for various dishes.